MK Boogie Woogie: Milton Keynes in six parts

18:56 minutes
colour digital video, sound

'MK Boogie Woogie: Milton Keynes in six parts' is an artist video investigating the unique landscape of Milton Keynes, a new town in South East England, approximately an hour away from London. Milton Keynes is well-known for its grid road system, high speed limit, and the use of private cars as the dominant method of transportation.

The video captures six locations in Milton Keynes with narrative from interviews with scholars and resident around the grid road system over aspects of gender, class, the central and peripheral, later developments of removing the grid, and changing notions of the urban. The aim is to explore how the grid system has responded to the goal of good access, movement and communication from the Plan for Milton Keynes (aka the Master Plan). The work offers both a visual experience of movement across the spots and an insight into fascinating history and ideas behind the new town.

Six parts: Central Milton Keynes, Witan Gate, Netherfield, Beanhill, Broughton and Magna Park.

'MK Boogie Woogie: Milton Keynes in six parts' was a result of Graduate Residency at Westbury Arts Centre, Milton Keynes, UK from 2015 to 2016 with financial assistance from the Milton Keynes Community Foundation.